SSS Mobile is a multi-faceted tech company that is focused on, but not limited to, offering an online presence and tech support to individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

Typically, clients of SSS are individuals and companies who do not have a requirement for a full time I.T. staff but need occasional professional assistance.

SSS is managed by Frank Sheffield, a life long I.T. professional who climbed the ladder to a senior tech position at a major computer vendor before venturing into the realm of the self employed.

Armed with a wealth of personal knowledge and contacts in the computer industry and other spin-off businesses, SSS works with a group of business professionals with their own areas of expertise who call upon each other if the need arises.

In most cases, third party assistance is not required but in some cases an expert with a special skill set is either consulted or subcontracted to ensure the job is completed at the highest level available.

In all cases, the end result is solid professional work for the client. We take I.T. tasks off your plate while you do what you do best, run your business.

“It’s not what you know, it’s how long it takes you to get the answer.”

What clients are saying …


I was never a firm believer in search engine rankings but I just landed a contract with a major world-wide company because they found my website and contacted me. They said they searched for “certified aluminum welder toronto” and I came up at the top of the list.

I’m also very impressed with the new Mobile Friendly Site and Facebook page.  Both are very professional and generating a lot of traffic.

Well done!!

Thomas D.


The online player registration system that you added to our league website is great!

Not having to run to the bank with over 600 cheques saves the Treasurer so much time it’s unbelievable.

Keeping track of our players, assigning them to teams and being able to contact them and their parents using the Newsletter module that you added was all well worth the money and has made  the Registrar, Treasurer and Division Conveners all very happy.

These are all great new tools for us that will contribute to the ongoing success of the WPHL.

Keep up the good work.

G. Brehaut


Thanks for getting our site back up and running again so quickly.  Our “web guy” had not been returning our calls and our hands were tied.

We had no idea who else to call to get the site back up until Mike said, “Call Frankie”.  I’m so glad that you knew who to contact and had us back on the air in less than an hour.

The personal service that you have provided to us these past few days is exactly what we are looking for.

We’re moving everything to you so this doesn’t happen again.


Hey Sheff,

I’m getting a lot of compliments on my new website and just wanted to thank your for the professional job you have done.  I love that spinning diamond.  How the heck did you do that?

The Newsletter software that allows me to send reminders to the members and records their birthdays is a real bonus because I like to send out birthday cards to my clients.

I sold a gold pocket watch today because someone searching for one found my website and phoned me.

I just searched for my store in Google and came up #1.

Again, great job!



Regarding the new website and hosting package you put together for us …

Thanks for all your help!!  It’s just what I wanted.

Regards, Ron

Hi Frank

I can feel your head swelling all the way up here. Monica and I absolutely love what you have done. One small thing.  Is there any way to get some of the blue dewatering pumps more up front and centre?

We can’t let your head swell that much.

Sincerely yours,
Paul T.

Mr. Frank,

The new online store is fantastic. With everything saved in the database, I can just call up and look at any order I want and know exactly what the status is. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore because I just look for orders that do not say “Complete”.

The way it’s connected to UPS for shipping labels, tracking numbers and automatic pick-up makes life so much easier around here. No more running to the Post Office (or forgetting to run to the Post Office) …. yeah!!!